The Bicycle Part 2 of 2

My previous post “The Bicycle Part 1 of 2” was either a fit of imagination, my dream or really happened. None of that matters.

Part 2 is the real world, at least for most of us.

We own the bicycle(s) we own.

Whether or not we get into synch with the bike depends on several factors:

  1. A good fit. Are you positioned correctly on the bike? Is your seat comfortable? Do you suffer pain or fatigue in any various body parts.
  2. A good attitude. It really doesn’t matter if you are laid back, highly competitive or somewhere in between. Nor does it matter if the ride is a workout, challenge or just to ‘smell the roses’. You should be enjoying the experience or if on a really push ride, looking forward to the aftermath.
  3. A willingness to make a quick decision. If the group is riding too fast, too slow, too hilly or too flat for what you want to do, you need to decide, which, today, is more important — the cycling or the company. If the former, you should break off and do your own thing.

With the above three processes working, you can be in synch with any bike you are riding.

That was really the point. We all imagine having the perfect bicycle. Its a lot simpler to seriously work with what we have.